Have you asked yourself how other people get hired so fast? Why you did not get hire after your last interview? What am I doing wrong?


Getting Hired?

The job market is already competitive enough. You shouldn't need to worry about being qualified or having your voice heard over everyone else applying. Which is why I have created a course teaching you how to ace an interview.


This course is made specifically for you. It teaches exactly what you should do in order to come off as a confident and qualified candidate from the get-go.

What is Included?

  • Introductory Videos

    The job interview course will teach you how to ace your next interview by watching a series of online videos.

  • How-To Guides

    The job interview course is full of helpful how-to guides to get you through the process.

  • Interactive Videos

    You'll learn how to ace your next interview with the help of the latest and greatest in online video technology.

  • Evaluation / Quizzes

    You'll have to take a quiz or test at the end of every chapter.


Luis Pinate

He has more than 30 years of experience in the corporate world, leading multi-million dollar deals, mergers and acquisitions. Specialist in developing international markets and new products. His extensive career spans multiple markets, including: China, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and Latin America. He has been a member of multiple incubator companies, accelerators, startups, committees, and boards of directors.

During the last 11 years he has developed as an executive consultant and strategist. His obsession with the study of the attributes of success, neurolinguistics programming, neuroscience and digital transformation have allowed him to develop a methodology focused on maximizing the performance of executives in any industry.

No More Frustation!

Become an expert interviewee!

A complete job interview course that will teach you how to prepare, what questions to ask, what not to say, and how to handle difficult questions like a pro. Here what you will learn!

  1. 1
    • Introduction

  2. 2
    • Introduction to Elevator Pitch

    • Video Guide to Elaborate your Elevator Pitch Guide

    • PDF Guide

    • Video Guide Step by Step

    • Evaluation - Quiz

  3. 3
    • Introduction to Research the Company

    • Video Guide to Research the Company

    • PDF Guide

    • Video Guide Step by Step

    • Evaluation - Quiz

  4. 4
    • Introduction to Demonstrate How Would You Help

    • Video Guide to Demonstrate How Would You Help

    • PDF Guide

    • Video Guide Step by Step

    • Evaluation - Quiz

  5. 5
    • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Adaptability

    • Video Guide of Emotional Intelligence & Adaptability

    • PDF Guide

    • Video Guide Step by Step

    • Evaluation - Quiz

  6. 6
    • Introduction and video Guide - How to Show Up at the Interview

    • PDF Guide

    • Evaluation - Quiz

  7. 7
    • Conclusion

Picture Yourself Getting the Job!

  • Save Time

    A few important points about what to wear, what not to say, how to answer questions, and some other basic things will increase your chance of success at interview.

  • Boost Confidence

    With no time wasted on worrying about what they'll ask or what you'll say next, your confidence will skyrocket.

  • Elevate Performance

    By brushing up on some simple skills, you'll perform better at any interview.

Agilecng in the Media


Bonus Material

  • 25 Commom Job Interview Questions

    You will learn what questions to ask, what not to say, and how to handle difficult questions like a pro.

  • One-on-one Session - $150 (regular price $300)

    Want a better chance at getting a job? This course gives you a 50% discount on a personalized consultation with Luis Pinate on how to prepare and present yourself during an interview.

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    Get a 50% off on the "Resume Building Made Easy" course.

Make a lasting impression on potential employers with these successful strategies!

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Learn from our success stories! Hear from people just like you who've gone through our interview course and learned how to prepare properly, answer questions confidently, dress accordingly, and ace the interviews.

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    "I am now very happy in my new job! I would always happily recommend you. Thank you!"

  • Justin Vila

    "Every time I had an interview, I was insecure and stressed, and I thought I wasn’t a good fit. I went through every step and guide of this course, reviewed all my skills and experience, and felt empowered. The best thing is that I got the role in Europe that I always wanted."

  • Carla Shiplet

    "I am so grateful for all the help this course has given me and how I finally got the job. Thank you so much!"

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    "Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect job! Without this training, it would have been impossible. In a few hours, I went through the whole process and learned about each interview stage."


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